Buying Provera (Medroxyprogesterone) 10mg in 2023

Provera: Dosages, Prices, Detailed Description

Provera 10mg

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Provera is a medication that is commonly used for the treatment of abnormal uterine bleeding, amenorrhea, and abnormal menstrual periods. It is also used to induce a contraceptive effect in women who are taking certain hormones, such as those taken for contraception.

Provera is a type of progestin, which is a hormone naturally produced in the body to regulate growth, development, and the function of the reproductive organs. The main active ingredient in Provera is medroxyprogesterone acetate, which works by blocking certain hormones that can cause abnormal bleeding. This helps to reduce or stop the abnormal bleeding.

When taken as prescribed, Provera can help to regulate the hormone balance in the body, helping to correct the abnormal bleeding. It comes in two different forms: a pill form, and an injection form. The pill form of Provera can be taken orally, with or without food, and the injection form is given intramuscularly on a regular schedule.

The most common side effects of Provera are headaches, abdominal pain, bloating, nausea, and breast tenderness. In some cases, Provera may also cause mood changes, including depression and anxiety. These side effects are usually temporary.

For women who are taking Provera for contraception, it is important to remember to take the medication every day in order to prevent pregnancy. If you miss a dose, you should make up the missed dose as soon as possible.

Provera is generally a safe and effective drug, but it is important to talk to your doctor or healthcare provider if you are having any unusual side effects or concerns. Your doctor or pharmacist can provide more information about other potential risks and benefits of Provera.